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Skyler Rossacci of 30ish Blog

Hey ya'll, I'm Skyler!

30ish is all about creating a community to share life lessons, healthy habits, and travel tips.

30ish aims to help you get your ish together so you can live the life you love. For me, traveling is a huge part of living the life I love, hence the whole page dedicated to sharing travel tips. If you want to fuel your boss self, have a go-to place for travel ideas, and learn from the #30ishcommunity, this is the blog for you. 


Each week, a new post will be published sharing how I am getting my ish together with travel highlights along the way. You can follow 30ish on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and subscribe here to never miss a post.

Let's get our ish together and live a life we love! 


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Let's get our ish together

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